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Pastor Kevin is the founder and Senior Pastor of Kingdom Seekers Church and Ministries in Tupelo Ms. Pastor Kevin is the author of How Would Jesus Vote? The founder of Kingdom Resource Management Community Development Corporation, HUTS How U Thinking Seminar Co. and HUT How U Thinking Publishing Co. He is married to Lady Melony who works along side her husband assisting him in the fulfillment of the assignment that he has been given by the Lord. They have four wonderful son’s, Keith and Kyle are the eldest and are twins, Kevin Jr. (KJ) and Kamal.

The Mission and Vision for The King’s Dome at KSC is to make the Kingdom of God a reality to the Church and the world. The Kingdom of God is God’s original intent for mankind and it is simply God’s way of doing things or the way that God wants things to be done. Pastor Kevin accepted his call into the ministry in the summer of 1982 at Miracle Revival Center in Amory Ms. through the Prophetic eye of Bishop George Crawford Pastor Kevin answered the call. The desire to immediately fulfill this call was apparent in Pastor Kevin. His desire to go out and begin his ministry was burning within, but through the wisdom of Bishop and Sis Crawford they insisted that he sit down and wait on God’s timing. They were right to do this and for this Pastor Kevin is forever grateful. The time had come and although Bishop Crawford had gone on to be with the Lord. Mother Crawford as she is so affectionately called said to Pastor Kevin, It’s time son and on August the eight 1988 Pastor Kevin was Licensed to begin his ministry at Miracle Revival Center. In August of 1987 Pastor Kevin enrolled at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was during the summer break of 1988 that this now very special and strategic date occurred August the eight nineteen eighty eight. 08-08-1988.

The Number eight is identified in the scripture as the number of new beginnings. That day began new beginnings for Pastor Kevin and they have not ceased since that time. Pastor was ordained by Bishop Arvell Garrett who had been a long time friend of the Crawford’s. He and his family were in Amory for the annual camp meeting. Mother Crawford asked Bishop Garrett if he would perform the ordination service and he was obliged to do so. Pastor Kevin did not return back to Oral Roberts the following semester but was invited by Bishop Garrett to come to St. Louis and assume the youth pastor role there. Pastor Kevin moved to St. Louis and remained there until the late spring of 1989. While in St. Louis Pastor Kevin had to opportunity to appear on a local radio show hosted by Bishop Garrett. When Pastor Kevin returned to Tupelo the Lord instructed Him to go begin his own radio ministry. In the Spring of 1989 the Prayer Line a live broadcast was launched by Pastor Kevin. The show was a tremendous success, and has evolved into a weekly television show called The Back To The Kingdom Broadcast airing on Sunday mornings at 6:30 am.

Pastor Kevin has had an interesting journey that has taken him many places and afforded him the opportunity to meet some very interesting people. Ministering many places throughout the nation and abroad, consistently preaching the Kingdom Of God everywhere he goes. His unique ability to look into the scripture and uncover hidden truths has identified him as an expositor and gifted teacher in the body of Christ. He understands the importance of having a balanced life (Spirit, Soul and Body) and believes in assisting others in walking out the principles found in God’s word. Pastor Kevin has more than 25 years experience with spiritual counseling. He has helped many develop their own lifestyle using kingdom principles, ranging from gaining a strong spiritual life to developing plans for a healthier and more stable future and becoming entrepreneurs. Many businesses have been birth under Pastor Kevin’s leadership. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge……..” Pastor Kevin is a great active listener. His progressive and relational style of kingdom coaching has and will continue to help people triumph over any of life’s situations.

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